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Dungeons of Daggorath (1982)

For many years, the gentle folk of Rivenshire enjoyed peaceful seclusion next to the towering mountains of Daggorath. But in the time now known as the Year of Darkness, a monstrous Evil came to Rivenshire. An elder told the people about an evil Wizard that had been driven out of his home, the dungeons under the towering crags of Daggorath. It seems the wizard has returned.

Dungeons of Daggorath was developed by Douglas J. Morgan and Keith S. Kiyohara, with sounds by Phil Landmeier, in 1980-81 for the Tandy (RadioShack) TRS-80 Color Computer. Produced by DynaMicro, it was released in 1982 as an 8 KB cartridge for the Color Computer. The copyright for the game lapsed, and the president of DynaMicro granted a license to allow people to reproduce the game.


Catch me on Twitch and YouTube.

I'm breaking them into about 30 mins each to make watching them more manageable. So far I have recorded two sessions on Twitch, 2 hours each. I am just editing them and will post as each is done.

Part 1 Join me as I kill a spider, tango with a snake, and climb down a hole. I start at level 1 killing off all the monsters and getting as many drops as I can before making my way to level 2.

Part 2 In part 2, I climb a ladder, meet a knight, and put a stick in a blob. Having just arrived in level 2, I make a little home for my gear and proceed to cut through monster after monster. I finally get my hands on a vision scroll and can see a map of the level. Once I'm fairly confident I have cleared the level, I proceed down to level 3.

Part 3 After cleaning up level 2, we are ready to descend the ladder to level 3. Even though things get a little hairy, I do manage to make a little home base and kill off some scorpions. The knight though, makes quick work of me and sends me packing. Again and again and again!

Color Computer 3 (1986-1991)

Cost: Radio Shack $200 CPU: Motorolla 6809 RAM: 128 KB / 512 KB Storage: Cassette or External 5 1/4" 160KB disk drive attached via cartrige port.

Video modes: Text: 32x16, 40x24, 80x24 Graphics: 160, 256, 320 or 640 pixels wide by 192 to 225 lines. Colors: 16 out of a palette of 64.

Ran Extended Color BASIC that was licensed from Microsoft.

I bought mine about 1987, and ran it on a 5" black and white TV until I got an RGB monitor. Favorite games: Dungeons of Daggorath, Gantelet II (clone of Gauntlet II).


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3



C port on GitHub that needs SDL and a couple supporting SDL projects, namely SDL mixer and Open GL.

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