ROB3 Started

Started working on ROB3. He is a tank robot that. I have two way communication with my ICE2 controller. Which means I can control the robot, but I can also have the robot send info to the controller. For instance I can send the current amperage that each motor is drawing, and show it on the controller. Or if I had my sonar attached, I could see what distance it was measuring.


The base is a Rover 5 with 4 motors and encoders. The speed controller I’m using can send interrupts for the encoders, and is able to sense the current each motor is using. Right now I have an XBee, Arduino Mega, Gyro and OLED display attached.

Currently working on getting the gyro to control the rotation rate. Unfortunately I am having mixed results. I can get it working, but not as smoothly as I remember I once had it working on my ROB1 base. But then again, it never worked 100% then either, so maybe I’m remembering it being better then it was. I’ll probably switch to working on the encoder before long.

I also plan to attach a robot arm to ROB3, and make use of the other 2 joysticks on ICE2. Currently designing the servo brackets for the arm. I am considering building a claw type setup. I like the idea behind these brackets at Trodden Robotics and shouldn’t be difficult to design.