Rob V2

Final base frame design

Rob 2 is a holonomic, or omni-directional robot. Using 3 omni-directional wheels, he is able to travel in any direction, and at any angle while still pointing forwards. That means he can move forwards, backwards, and side to side, as well as rotate on the spot or while moving.

See video on youtube.
He makes extensive use of his gyro to keep him straight and keep rotation at a constant rate, which is very important on a holonomic robot. An Arduino Mega is used as the computer, and a Zigbee for wireless communications with my computer or ICE controllers. The Zigbee is like having a wireless modem, so communication is serial, at speeds up to 250kbps.

Later I added a wireless camera and sonic rangefinder, and mounted them to make them look like a site of eyes. With those additions I was able to drive him from a remote location, know the distance Rob was from objects.


Early prototype base
Early prototype base
Camera before being mounted
Camera after it is mounted. Next to a sonic range finder
Early wiring rats nest
Onboard wireless camera and sonic range finder as his eyes.