Bouncy Ball Beta 1 almost ready

Awesome progress over this new years weekend. I started with a 4 page TODO list, and I have all but the end of game sequence done. I still have levels to build, joystick support, and then in-game sound and (maybe) music to implement. Sound will be via Simon’s irq driven routine. I even had some time to start work on Bouncy Ball’s official web page, and some package art. Now though, I think it’s time to take a short breather and maybe type in another BASIC program. I’m thinking Connect 4. I remember having that one typed in and added some Coco 3 hi-res graphics and sound to it.


We are up to 4600 lines of code, and a binary size of 13K. I’m noticing a couple odd bugs, like the ball will disappear after a while, or I don’t get a reading from the joystick anymore. I’m sure it must be a memory leak somewhere. So now is also the time for some serious debugging. The game is modularized enough that it will be easy to test the game engine without the rest of the code getting involved and complicating things.

Here are a couple screen shots to keep you on the edge of your seat. The new attract page displays if you don’t do anything in the title page in a while. The end of level point totaling, the only screen that actually has sound. And the level selection page.

bouncyball-a20-titleTitle page comes up with it’s flashing title text. That was drawn with the SG Editor.

bouncyball-a20-attractAttract page shows when player hasn’t done anything in the title page. Harkens to the old arcade games. I would love to get it to play itself a little, but we’ll see how time goes.

bouncyball-a20-levelselectionWhen you hit play, you are now greeted with a level selection screen. Challenge mode will allow you to select any level. Story mode, if I can get the program to save to disk within a reasonable amount of time, you will need to complete each level, and be able to visit any level you have played. If I can’t save, then it makes sense to let it be a free for all. I know I wouldn’t want to play through the entire game in one sitting every time.

bouncyball-a20-levelcompleteThe level complete page will total your points ala arcade style, increasing your score and decreasing the bonus numbers. You’ll have to see it in action. This is currently the only screen with sound on it. Just simple sound() calls at the moment. Sound in game can’t be done yet, since even the shortest duration passed to sound() will halt the ball for a split second, and that really interrupts the flow.