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Bouncy Ball Demo Video 1

Published my first demo video of Bouncy Ball just in time for Xmas. I decided to make it xmas themed after hearing about another Coco coder, John Linville made a game called Xmas Rush. It had evil snowmen that you had to save xmas trees from. That also helped me figure out what my story line would be. Since John was busy saving the trees in the forest, the evil snowmen stole everyones xmas trees from their homes, and brought them back to snowman’s land.

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sample level

Making it xmas themed was easier then I thought it would be. Just changed the colors of the walls and ball to white, and suddenly you were in a world of snow, and playing as a snow ball.

The two frame animated John was fun to make and turned out way better then I thought it would. He kind looks like a line backer.


I used SGEdit to make those two frames.