Bouncy Ball Demo Video 2

My second demo video of Bouncy Ball is available. Since last meeting our snowball hero, there have been a few cosmetic updates, and now has 3 levels. They play well, but not yet tuned for difficulty. The biggest change is the flashy new title page, with a few place holder items.

You can now download a playable demo. Use button 1 on either joystick to move forward, button 2 to move backwards. I don’t map RGB colors yet, so your colors will be different on an RGB monitor. What you see in the screen shots and video is what the colors are meant to be.

I have included 3 levels in this version. 2 levels have trees to save, and 1 is a bonus level you race against the clock. I love playing that bonus level!

If you watched the original video, you will notice the title page is much better looking.

New title page with flashy title (literally):



Couple shots from level 1 “CoCo 3”




From level 2 “Pipes”sshot-level2a


From a bonus level:sshot-bonus1a