Robot Minefield C Port

After typing in the BASIC version of Robot Minefield, then porting it to Assembly, I decided to round things out by doing a C version as well. The C version was the fastest to port. I learned a lot doing the assembly version, and had a blast. The assembly was the most fun, but the most frustrating to write. My assembly foo just isn’t very strong at this point. Thinking in assembly still takes a while, but worse is not knowing all those pesky mnemonics!

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Robot Minefield Day 4

It is now day 4 of my Robot Minefield conversion to assembly. Last night was my first night I dreamed in assembly. I remember working on some problem, and assembly was involved. You know you have your head in the game when you dream about it. So far so good. I have the minefield randomly populating with mines and robots, and randomly placing the human somewhere on the field. Steve Bjork was kind enough to provide a random number generator in assembly, which was very easy to adapt. You can run the human around the minefield, and will die if you touch a mine or a robot. I just started working on the robot movement AI. You can view my initial post.

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Robot Minefield

Robot Minefield is a BASIC game I typed in from Tim Hartnell’s Giant Book Of Computer Games book. Neat game, and a simple enough game I’m using it as an exercise to write it in assembly. The game is a little like Rogue in that the computer doesn’t move until you do. But what’s most interesting about this game, is that it is a remake of a game called Robots and mines on the Commodore PET, and was one of the games that inspired the arcade shooter Robotron 2084.

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