Optimizing an Imaginary Sprite

There was an interesting thread on Facebook this week that was talking about optimization. They took an imaginary sprite routine and optimized the crap out of it. In this article I’m going walk through the various stages of optimization and provide my own analysis of why the changes were made, and why (or if) the optimization was any good.

I’m going to assume you know how, or are familiar with some arcane programming language, and are either somewhat familiar with assembly or enjoy punishing your brain.

You might be surprised with the results of version 5 and 5p. Sometimes less instructions doesn’t always mean faster.

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My Raspberry Pi and the weather

After a successful (and surprisingly easy) setup of my Raspberry Pi 1 model B+ (also called an RPi), I decided to start working on a little weather app. While I like the look of the stock weather app on the iPhone, it is always missing, some bit of information I want. Like how much snow is expected in a couple days, and what the chance of snow is. As a result, I find myself going to Weather Underground to get the rest of the info I want. So, I decided to put my RPi 1 to work and create a system that will automatically download the weather and send me an email in the morning with a complete report.

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