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After a brief outage, we are back with a fresh new look. Out with the godawful WordPress, replaced by my own CMS system. It's an improved version of the one I have been using on AXORiON.com for a while now.

This site is about programming, robotics, and electronics. Languages discussed include, Java, C/C++, Assembly, and BASIC. Wait, BASIC? Heck yeah. I grew up on Color BASIC for the Color Computer 3. I'll be adding back my favorite articles from the old 8BitCoder site, and adding new tutorials and code breakdowns.

Please feel free to have a look around, and if you like a particular article, there is a new Like button. If you don't like something, well, there is also a dislike button.

Gomoku in BASIC and C restored

Feb 6, 2019

Gomoku BASIC ported to C is back! This article is showing the BASIC version of Tim Hartnell's Gomoku that I typed in. The AI has a strong defense, but not much of an offense. I decided to port it to C just for fun, and the speed difference surprised me. I will be following up with an analysis of the AI in a followup article.


Mnemonic lookup has been restored

Feb 5, 2019

Mnemonic online documentation is back online. I find that I always need to lookup CPU timings and usage for assembly instructions, so I put this lookup site together. What really excites me is that you can search for multiple instructions like ldx,ldy,abx and see all those instructions at the same time.


Robot Minefield has been restored

Feb 1, 2019

Robot Minefield is back! I typed in a BASIC program from one of my favorite programming books, Tim Hartnell's Giant Book of Computer Games. But I didn't stop there, I converted it to Assembly, then to C.


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